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Most dental work treats the mouth in isolation from the rest of the body.

At R Dental, we treat your mouth as an indicator of your overall health.

When we improve your oral health with the right care plan, we can detoxify and balance your whole body.

"Honestly Dr. Leedia delivers care on a whole new level, she uses state of the art technology to deliver the best for patients. They don't skimp. 

I've never been to a dentist that cares about it's patient experience as much as Dr. Leedia. This is dentistry on another level!"

-Laila A.


  Every patient receives their own unique plan for a gorgeous smile, pleasant experience, and improved wellbeing.
White Zirconia Implants

There is nothing better than having and preserving your own teeth. However, in cases where you have lost teeth or need to lose a tooth, implants are your next best option to having your own tooth.
Can you do dental bridges? Yes!
Can you have removable prosthesis? Yes!
Can you do nothing and sport a toothless look? Yes!
But once you experience a well planned, properly restored dental implant, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner!
Dental implants are not ideal for every case. Case selection is critical when it comes to achieving great results with dental implants.
If you are considering getting implants schedule a consultation so that our team can guide you the right way. 
Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry
FACT: A beautiful smile will instill confidence and change your life for the better.
However, it can be a scary endeavor to commit to a smile makeover.
There is so much confusion in the media.
On one end you see celebrities and influencers raving about getting porcelain veneers and redoing their smiles, while on the other end you have nightmare stories of people who regretted getting veneers done and had to redo them multiple times to achieve a result that they are happy with.
And on top of all that, they develop sensitivity, get bleeding gums, have their bite get messed up, and end up being tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket + plus the pain and discomfort that comes along with doing that type of work. 
Unfortunately far too many people like that are ashamed, feel guilt, and regret about having done porcelain veneers. If that's you then smile, because we manage redo cases to success all the time and we will be brutally honest on what to expect so that your expectations are managed and your pain points are solved. Clarity is a great gift!
Dr. Leedia Riman coined the term "Responsible Cosmetic Dentistry" because It takes finesse and artistry to craft a gorgeous smile, but more importantly, cosmetic work must be planned and crafted responsibly to last.
We have tools and techniques that allow us to show you how your smile can turn out before you even commit to a full blown makeover.
We also take the time to exhaust alternative less invasive wats to 'facelift' your smile! It is really easy to slap on 20 veneers and call it a day, but it takes a little more effort to do things in a more responsible conservative way and still get stunning results!
Often, minimal changes can create a whole new smile. We specialize in integrative cosmetic dentistry that will look natural to you and gorgeous for decades.
Also at the core of what we do is empowering you through educating you on the different potential out comes, shapes, textures, and colors available that best suit your character and face. We help you develop and understand your taste. Yes, cosmetic dentistry is ALL ABOUT TASTE! Let us show you the way, schedule your consultation appointment now.
Biomimetic Dentistry (Porcelain Onlays, Inlays, Veneers)

The only time we do a crown is when we are replacing an old broken down crown. High quality precision fit inlays, onlays, deep margin elevation, and immediate dentin sealing with proper isolation is how we restore teeth. We believe in preserving as much tooth structure as possible. This is important to maximize the number of years you get from your teeth and for preventing premature tooth loss and decreasing post operative tooth sensitivity. 
Integrative Periodontal (Gum) Care

So many teeth are lost prematurely because critical clues of gum disease are missed.
Our patient pool consists of people who value their teeth and health. And at the core of preserving your teeth is making sure that the foundation for strong teeth is there, i.e. the bone and gums that house your teeth.
That's why our patients gets a thorough periodontal/gum examination and specialized bone detection imaging that helps us discover signs of gum disease early on.
While periodontal/gum disease continues to progress throughout life, by being able to identify it early on, we can take measures to slow down its progression.
We take great pride in focusing on periodontal health because "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"
All new patients receive a thorough periodontal examination, what are you waiting for?
Schedule your appointment now and let us help you be the healthiest version of you!


Integrative Dental Extractions

Losing teeth is no fun. It sucks! There is an emotional aspect to losing a tooth that is melancholic. That's why it's always important to make sure that we exhaust all options to save teeth prior to jumping and removing them. 
However, your body will love you for removing 'bad teeth' that cannot be restored.
Bad teeth can lead to infections and the release of large amounts of bacteria into your blood stream, not to mention the pain and bad breath that can be associated with a 'bad tooth'.
The sooner your remove bad non restorable teeth, the sooner you get on your journey towards oral and overall health.
And there is a way to do it all with no pain while your emotional and dental/medical needs are equally addressed. 
The time of extracting teeth is critical in that we have a great opportunity to build and preserve the underlying bone for future implants and bridges. It is also important to make sure that all infected tissue is removed along with the periodontal ligament of the bad tooth so that we don't have bacteria repopulating and festering inside your jaw bone (as is the case with true jaw cavitations). 
That's why we use Dr. Leedia Riman's Integrative Extraction Protocol on patients who need to have teeth removed. 
Single Front Tooth Replacement

One major challenge in dentistry is restoring a single front tooth. Why? Well, matching a single tooth to the other teeth next to it and making it look natural requires great discipline in craft, and a sharp eye that can pick up on the slightest changes in color, texture, translucency, shape etc.
There are more than 10 parameters that we consider for every anterior case. We want predictability in out come, and we structure our workflow and communication with you in a manner to allow for achieving a predictable result on the first thing that people see and judge you by - YOUR SMILE!
That is not something you want to leave up to chance or accept mediocrity in results on.
If you have been struggling with a missing front tooth, or a front tooth that is off in shape or color or bulk, then schedule a consultation now and let us help you put that darn front tooth challenge behind you! 
Integrative Full Mouth Rehabilitation


R Dental provides comprehensive services, including implants and full mouth rehabilitation. We offer the option of white zirconia implants, which we first test to see how the material will suit your body. We also utilize PRF and test for micronutrient and vitamin deficiency prior to any surgeries. Our goal is to solve your dental issues while making sure you increase your chances for optimum healing.

Pregnant Mother’s Dental Care
Over 65% of women experience dental disease during pregnancy - all of which is preventable. With detailed monthly care for women before, during, and after pregnancy, we can prevent health complications that start in the mouth.
Children’s Oral Health and Hygiene
Dental trauma often times starts in childhood with a bad experience.
Building trust and making the dental visit a positive experience holds a core key to having optimum oral health for life. 
Building good hygiene habits and positive associations with the dentist is essential. We’re able to make kids comfortable and re-train poor habits, from thumb sucking to learning daily hygiene.
Integrative Dental Cleaning

Dr. Leedia Riman's 7 Step integrative teeth cleaning protocol will leave you feeling refreshed and up to date on your self care. We offer oxygen therapy, laser therapy for the most high end dental cleanings.
We’ll take our time with your care and comfort, and offer personalized hygiene coaching at every visit to help you master the ability to maintain your smile and teeth at optimum levels. 
 Full-Body Recovery

Alongside any surgical procedures, we offer natural supplements to help with pain, microcurrent therapy to bring homeostasis, and red light therapy to promote healing.
Schedule a consultation to talk through your needs and create a plan for your health and comfort.

Supporting Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing


  We take the time to connect with you in each visit, and provide for your comfort like our own family.
Book an appointment stress-free with our comforting amenities →
  • Noise canceling headphones 

  • Essential oil aromatherapy

  • Compassion, listening, and understanding  

  • IV sedation with anesthesia detox protocol

  • ‘Happy pill’ to relax you 

  • Eye masks or protective glasses

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Meet Your Beverly Hills Integrative Dentists


Dr. Leedia Riman envisioned dental care that addresses the root cause of symptoms, and provides inside-out health and beauty.

“After a turbulent pregnancy and birth with shocking dental repercussions, my career as a dentist was changed forever.

We’re providing a new level of attentiveness and craftsmanship to patients who want the best health outcomes alongside a lovely smile.”

Dr. Rashad Riman is passionate about high-quality dental care, and has been training dentists around the world through

When Dr. Leedia shared her vision for integrative dentistry in Beverly Hills, he was moved.

“I felt more joy, more purpose, and more satisfaction delivering quality care for patients who know the difference and appreciate what I do. I felt like I finally found my people.”

No more fixing symptoms without taking the time to listen and educate patients-- R Dental offers a new way to receive dental care.

From patient Nikki V.:


There are a very select handful of people who I can honestly say have changed my life—Dr. Riman is definitely among those. This may sound like an odd thing to say about your dentist, but for the past twenty years, dental issues have been the bane of my existence. I had several bad experiences in terms of diagnosis, quality of work, and bedside manner that rendered me completely terrified of all dentists. In the interim, my mouth fell apart and I was subject to intermittent bursts of severe pain. On a day-to-day basis, I was embarrassed of how my teeth looked, and tried to hide them by adjusting my smile or holding my hand over my face when I spoke.

One Saturday afternoon last summer, I was hit by a wall of pain in my lower jaw. I tried to ignore it, but it escalated quickly and I could feel the hot pain starting to spread. I had just moved to L.A. and didn’t have a dentist. Desperate, I stumbled upon Dr. Riman, who took me in a couple of hours later. Immediately upon meeting him, I was at ease—which is nothing short of a miracle for me in a situation like this. Right off the bat, he proactively addressed and validated my fears, then assured me everything would be okay. He was calm, gentle, and sympathetic. He explained to me in detail what was about to happen as I underwent a spur-of-the-moment procedure, wherein he extracted a couple of teeth and rebuilt the bone in my lower jaw.

As Dr. Riman put it, this wasn’t a reconstruction, but a resurrection of my mouth. Truer words have never been spoken. In the ensuing nine months, Dr. Riman has essentially rebuilt my mouth, undoing all of the damage that’s been done over the years, resolving the issues I’ve avoided, and making my life pain-free for the first time in two decades. In that time, he has done whatever is necessary, including working on my mouth into the wee hours of the morning and for hours at a time. This work has spanned most of my mouth, and has been both “underground” and aesthetic. Most recently, he placed veneers on my front teeth. For the first time in my adult life, I feel good about how I look. I’m convinced that the fact I’m smiling exponentially more has made me a generally happier person because of the endorphin pump that comes with it. I have literally learned to smile again because of Dr. Riman. 

If you would have told me a year ago that I would actually enjoy going to the dentist, I would have said you were crazy. But specifically because of Dr. Riman, that’s now true. Of course, I don’t always enjoy the process, but I do always know I’m in the best of hands, with someone who is not only extremely adept at what he does, but also truly compassionate with patients like me (and he’s funny to boot!). 

I’m so grateful for that day last July that led me to Dr. Riman. In retrospect, it is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me—I’ve conquered one of my biggest fears and resolved what has been both a physically and emotionally painful issue. I could have never done this without the sense of safety and security Dr. Riman instills in his patients. I will always be grateful to him for my new smile. 

Nikki Van Noy

Los Angeles, CA


How is Holistic or Integrative Dentistry Different?

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